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100% original casino content created just for you! With in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about the iGaming industry, online casinos, and games, you can always be sure that the content you’ll get is factually correct, engaging, interesting and made exclusively for you and your site. If you’d like to add on some extra E-A-T to your website I’m also happy to provide you with a byline you can use along with an author’s profile.

SEO Friendly

All my articles and other content are SEO friendly without being keyword stuffed. When writing I focus on main and secondary keywords as well as LSI keywords. In addition, all articles come with metas, headings, and are formatted to be ready for publishing. If you’d like for me to also add internal or external links, images, and/or want me to upload the articles to your website that is also something I’ll be happy to do for you.

Content & Project Management

If you’re starting a new project I’ll be happy to help you plan out all your content needs. I’ll provide you with a content map with a publishing schedule and also help you create a Content and SEO Brief to use throughout the project to ensure that we establish your site’s “voice” and communication style. I can also help you hire and manage all the writers and translators you need to ensure that you can focus on other areas of your project.

3 Reasons why you should work with me 

Real-life online casino experience

Nothing beats real-life experience when it comes to gaining true in-depth knowledge about the iGaming industry. Having had a full-time job teaching new employees everything they need to know about online casinos, my knowledge has since been a great resource for many a casino affiliate site. I use my knowledge to create unique in-depth articles, but I can aslo help you out with quality assurance, making sure that the articles other writers deliver are factually correct and sufficiently researched. I’ll also help you navigate all the regulations and restrictions for what you can and can’t do when promoting online gambling within the market you’re targeting.

Ready-to-publish articles

I’m a native Norwegian, but I also offer English content. Whenever you order English articles from me you can be sure that they have been professionally edited by my long-term trusted editor, and that the articles you receive are ready to be published. I add metas, headings, bullet-point lists and tables where it’s natural to do so, and you can be sure that all best-practice SEO guidelines have been adhered to. Internal or external links, compressed royalty-free images with alt. text, italic or bold formatting according to your content brief, and anything else you want can also be included. Ordering content from content4casino will always be hassle-free – guaranteed!

I’ll manage your project and content

If you’re experienced in the casino affiliate niche and have a clear plan for what you want – great! Just tell me what you need and I’ll get it done. If you’re new to this industry and don’t quite know where to start – no problem! I’ll guide you through it. I work best independently without being micro-managed, but if you want me to manage just myself or a whole team of other writers is completely up to you. I’ll even help you with any recruitment and hiring needs to ensure you only get top-notch writers who know the ins and outs of the iGaming industry.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients have said about me:

Do you need Norwegian content? Look no further. Eve is one of the best freelancers I’ve worked with. In particular, she excels at igaming content, where she absolutely floors most of the competition. Eve is very professional, creative, and adheres to guidelines and schedules very well. I can whole-heartedly recommend Eve for Norwegian web content.

We’re very happy to have Eve with us on the GoodLuckMate team – as she’s an expert in the gambling industry like no other. She’s been with us from day one as our lead writer, and provided top-quality content in both English and Norwegian. Her role within our project developed over the course of a year, and she’s now our Head of Operations, managing a team of more than 40 people. She’s consistently delivering top-quality results through her team.

Eve is the very definition of a freelancer you want to work with.
She’s an excellent communicator and team player, always delivering excellent and consistent results on schedule.
All this, on top of her pleasant and outgoing personality, has made working together a real delight. One of the best freelancers I have ever worked with, can’t recommend her enough.

Eve has been fantastic to work with over the past 2 years, the work has been completely hands-off for us due to her consistent, quality delivery. I highly recommend Eve for your Norwegian content needs.

Eve always delivers on time, and the job is always 100% quality.

Eve is a very proactive content writer who delivers on time. It has been a real pleasure to work with her

We had a fantastic collaboration working with Eve – she produced a detailed casino guide over a course of several weeks and was very responsive to feedback. I would definitely work with Eve again soon as the quality of her work was delivered on time and to an exceptionally high level.

We’re very happy on having Eve on the team, it’s almost a year as we’re working together. She’s an expert in the gambling industry like no other. She started the journey on our project as a lead writer and provided top quality content in English & Norwegian languages from the start. At the moment her role at our project is a Team manager she leads a team of over 40 people and consistently delivers top quality results, and if she finds some spare time she writes an article from time to time. We’re very happy with her performance and we hope that it’s just the beginning of our journey with her.

Eve did a terrific job, she was perfect at her role as a Project Manager. She lead a team of 50 people through difficult times and came out on top. The work that she done delivered enormous results. The synchronization between teams, clear strategy and plan how to move forward, many other things that Eve done boosted the projects profit and placed it on the right direction for growth. We couldn’t be more grateful for the work that she done and we wish her all the best for her futures endeavors.

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