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I Know Online Casinos – From the Inside Out

My name is Eve Luneborg, and I’m the founder of content4casino. Back in 2014 I left the cold climate of Norway behind and started on a new chapter of my life – in sunny Malta. It almost goes without saying that as a native Norwegian in Malta I ended up working at an online casino, and my new employer was LeoVegas Casino. Through my job as a support agent and later on a payments trainer at this, back then, up-and-coming online casino, I got to learn everything there is to know about how casinos operate, all I needed to know about regulations and procedures, and much, much more.

When I left LeoVegas in 2016 I decided to use my in-depth knowledge about the casino industry to kickstart my new career as a writer. After all – I knew the inner workings of casinos, so why not use this knowledge as a basis for my new career?

After having worked at a casino I knew about casino affiliates and how lucrative this niche within the iGaming industry is, but I couldn’t even imagine the immense need for content and writers. I quickly found out that the services I offered were in huge demand, as the casino affiliate niche is so unique in more ways than one. As far as I know, the casino affiliate niche is not only one of the most competitive niches there are, but it’s also one where there are more clients than freelance writers – which writers in other niches can attest to is far from normal. That also means that when affiliate companies are looking for writers to join their teams it can be slim pickings in terms of qualified writers that truly know the industry, sometimes resulting in less than optimal content.

That’s where I come in. I know what it is I’m writing about. I understand the terminology casinos use, I understand their terms and conditions, I know not only what they do but also why, and I know how to convey that to readers. The latter part I thank my 6 months in the customer support department at LeoVegas for, as explaining somewhat complicated terms and rules in an easy-to-understand way is exactly what a support agent does. In addition, working as a trainer for new employees teaching them all they need to know about casinos obviously also came in handy, and it’s perhaps from the 1.5 years I spent doing this where my true in-depth knowledge stems from. After all – it’s impossible to teach anyone something you don’t understand yourself, and that’s why I simply had to learn it myself.

My in-depth knowledge about the industry is my greatest strength, and I make sure to follow all the latest news, regulatory changes, and other industry-specific happenings daily. This is why all my clients can always rely on me to deliver fresh and current articles with factually correct information – no matter which topic within the iGaming industry they want new content for.

Not only do I deliver formatted and ready-to-publish articles, but I also deliver them with metas, and they are all optimized for best practice SEO. In addition to being well-versed within the iGaming industry, I’m also experienced working with different types of CMS systems, from WordPress to custom made solutions, which means I can also help you publish the articles directly on your site. If you want me to add images, internal or external links, or anything like that, then that’s not a problem either. After all, what good does a well-written and interesting article do if Google can’t find it?

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